Yepp`n York



What is Yepp'n York and how does the freehand clicker work?


As a dog trainer, I do love the effective and tried and tested click-training for animal education with positive reinforcement, with the only restriction that I had never had both hands free during thr training. One hand has always been occupied with the clicker. Therefore, Yepp'n York has been created to find a solution to this problem.


With the freehand clicker, you can design your click-training as before, with the crucial difference, however, that you do not have to hold the clicker any more. You simply put Yepp'n York on like a glove. Thereby the clicker is firmly integrated in the palm of your hand and you can easily trigger it with the fingers of the same hand. The enormous advantage is that with help of Yepp'n York you can use both hands for the training so that you are always "ready to click".

Yepp'n York is produced in an integrative workshop in the Köln region. For the standard versions, we only use GOTS certified substances. With the special edition, however, we unfortunately have to be satisfied with the Ökotex certification, but we are still working on it.
As regards packaging, we attach great importance to environmental friendliness and sustainability.

You can wash it in a washing machine at 30°C – no hand wash!

I hope you find Yepp'n York just as functional and practical as I do. I would be very pleased if more people would decide for the clicker training by using the freehand clicker Yepp'n York . From now on, the argument of many critics ("I must always hold the clicker, this is too complicated for me!") doesn’t count any longer.







A lot of fun and success with training with Yepp'n York the original freehand clicker!