About us







Coming from aachen, I do want the world to benefit from my invention. My intention is not precisely formulated with "invention", because it was born out of necessity. My "need" is that I simply cannot do two things at once very well. For me as a dog trainer who loves the clickertraining without being very fit in coordination, a solution had to be found. At first, my new creation was only an improvement in daily life. My husband, however, found that it was a pity if I wouldn’t share this new achievement with the rest of the world.


And so we started the design phase:

The question was: How do we call the part? How, where and from what fabric should it be sewed, how should it be packaged? What about the logo and how should the website look like? Do we need a utility model or patent? …and so on and so forth…


Now, several months later and after a lot of detours in search of a good solution, we can say that it's just how we imagined it would be!


The name was quickly found. It is made up of the popular marker word "Yepp" and the name of our Labrador York who died in 2011, this wonderful dog, with whom I could make my first clicker experiences.


Yepp'n York is produced in an integrative workshop in the Aachen region. For the standard versions, we only use GOTS certified substances. With the special edition, however, we unfortunately have to be satisfied with the Ökotex certification, but we are still working on it.


As regards packaging, we attach great importance to environmental friendliness and sustainability.


Based on these principles, we are confident to be well on a good way to take Yepp'n York out into the wider world. We would like to express our gratitude to all our many helpers for their tireless and active commitment to this project.